Monday, April 30, 2012

Share: Audio Technica Bloom ATH-CKF300

I already reviewed these a while back, raving on how much I loved them. Too bad the little ones at home (Eeek! Mice!!!) liked them too and chewed on the wire. One side still works but I’d rather have a fully-working unit so I got myself a new one from our non-cash rewards program at work. Yup! I didn’t pay cash for these.

Now my hubby requested that I try getting a non-girly colour so I got it in gold. Hehe! Aren’t they pretty?

They’re not entirely the same though. The wires are thicker. The pin ends in an L-shape harder plastic. It’s a more durable product.

More importantly, the sounds are clearer, the different instruments being a joy to listen to. I will never veer from buying Audio Technica ever again. It just gets better and better. I’ve got my sights on the SJ11 for hubby’s birthday.
The old ones came in a round tin box with soft foam inside for a container. The new ones came in a carton matchbox. I don’t really care much about them as the wires would obviously be too hard to handle with said cases and I still use an old case from a different brand that lets me wind the wires without knotting but I appreciate the thought.

Really, such eye candy.


  1. Those headphones look awesome! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)

    1. Oh wow!!! I don't know about but I actually read denimblog. That is one rockin' blog. And yes, the headphones are love. Audio Technica is so good.


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