Friday, March 22, 2013

Love: Majolica Majorca Honey Plump Gloss Neo

I like the Honey Pump Gloss Neo from Majolica Majorca. It’s my go-to gloss these days when I feel my lips getting a tad too dry. It’s not so much a cosmetic thing for me. It’s more of a balm for the dryness, because it babies my dry lips and leaves it very moisturized. 

Part of the charm is the packaging that makes me want to swipe it on more as it’s quite easy to stuff into my pockets. It’s very pretty, like all Majolica Majorca products, while being a very convenient size. 

It’s got a very glossy feel on the lips when applied. It settles in and feels lightweight after a bit. I initially thought it was thick-feeling but when I press my lips together with it on, I noticed it didn’t feel sticky at all. It also has a sweet mild scent that somewhat reminds me that this is made from honey. No detectable taste on it. It doesn’t give me any discernible colour on my lips but it gives a very subtle wet shine. 

You could consider it a love affair. I may or may not repurchase once done with the tube but if there’s another sale, I’ll take the opportunity to stock up.

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