Friday, October 19, 2012

Looked Up: Zuru Robo Fish

I’m loving the concept of the Robo Fish. We have a little blue fighting fish at home that has survived quite a long time in spite of living in a space much smaller than a fish bowl. My mother got it for the little babe to play with but he really can’t do anything more than stare at it as fish and baby don’t really match.

With the Robo Fish, all those worries over the fish can go out the window. He can poke it, play with it, even in the tub when he takes a bath because it’s going to wiggle its little robotic heart’s out as long as there is water. Battery life is a little harsh for these little things. It supposedly lasts only 2 hours. We’ll see.

I’d like to disclaim that we have no plans of baby playing with the thing unsupervised. He really is never unsupervised. This thing has parts that can be swallowed and stuff like that are never a good thing.

Video from youtube.

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