Sunday, October 7, 2012

Craves: Ipod Touch 5th Generation

The stars have aligned. The 5th generation iPod Touch has been released.

Okay, personal story... When the iPhone was first released so so many years ago, I casually mentioned to a friend that it's not the best of ideas to purchase the first generation offering of Apple's releases. Fifth generation is the most likely best release to purchase without feeling too bad over the next one. 

Take the iPod classic as an example, they will most likely release a newer, cheaper and better version within a year or so and the initial purchase will be no more than a memory of your money. Also, at that point in time, I would never in my adreams contemplate releasing that much money over a phone. I still wouldn't even if it's being offered as a free phone on a postpaid plan.

When the iPod Touch was released after the iPhone, I was salivating like crazy. I don't want a new phone as phones tend to upgrade every quarter of the year but an iPhone that does not call and text and at a definite fraction of the cost just seemed such a great idea at that time. I got one but then with the newer releases, the first generation was looking older and older (and unupdated) as years passed.

With Siri being released on the iPhone 4S, the thought of getting an iPhone now did not seem like such a bad one. Call me lazy but I'd love to tell my phone, "Wake me up at 5," and roll over to sleep after the confirmation. LAZY...

I almost got my hands on the 4th generation release of the iPod Touch but the camera was crappy and what would be the sense in getting that in today's world?

So now, it's hard to have any excuses in purchasing the latest release, it's the fifth generation, the camera is already 5 megapixels, the Siri is there and it's not a phone but you can now call and send messages to other Apple devices. Also, my iPod has gotten some dead pixels from my little baby having a blast throwing it with his full powers at our thankfully non-concrete floor.

Stars, I hear you.

Picture from the product website.

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