Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's the start

I am six months pregnant and currently obsessed with the following:
-Finding a good mineral make-up powder foundation. The current one I'm using is great but apparently is mostly talc (the first ingredient listed) so it doesn't truly count as mineral make-up. Fake fake fake!!! I'm not saying it doesn't work fine. I love it, actually, but with baby on the way, I need make-up that would be ok to touch his face and not just mine.
-Buying a pretty new camera. It's so weird that I've been working for quite a while now but have never bought a new one, considering my tendency to take pics of random stuff. I keep using my cell cam. I'm considering buying a phone with better cam specs but then I keep reading up bad stuff about the phone. I'm waiting for a sign. I do know it's either a new phone or cam before the baby comes to capture all the cute moments.
-Wearing really high heels again. With the back pains I'm having right now, it's a given that I won't be able to wear heels for another 3 months but I've got my list of shoes that I'll be buying once able to wear them again. Tsk! Hope that I don't go up a shoe size till then.

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