Sunday, December 9, 2012

Share: Bangus Egg Casserole

The picture reminds me somewhat of balut. But it's not and it's something I'd just like to share as it's one of the easiest things to prepare for me, while being quite delicious at the same time. It's got my hubby's approval and that guy can be hard to please.

I start with canned milkfish in oil (Century). I separate the fish from the sauce in the can and toast it a bit over a spoonful of margarine. I flip it to the other side after it has browned a bit. Once sufficiently brown on both sides, I add in two eggs, put the cover on and wait for the yolks to turn yellow. I toss in the sauce, turn the heat off and cover it once again and it's perfect

It's so easy and I can prepare it in less than 5 minutes with the fire on low on a 10-inch nonstick saucepan. Spanish style is also good and it adds some spice. Sometimes, when the milkfish are leftovers, I flake it by grinding it into the pan and toss it around until it's a light brown. And other times, I add a bit of grated quick-melt cheese on top before I toss in the sauce. I don't always wait for the egg yolks to turn yellow before I add in the sauce but I wait just a bit more before I lift the cover when I do that.

I hope that those who try this enjoy it as much as we d.

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