Sunday, December 9, 2012

Share: Inside My Bag

I was hoping to get a satchel bag but things didn't fall through. Long boring story so I'll share my new bag and its contents instead.

To start off, this is my new Secosana bag. it was on sale. It’s roomy and not so wide. It’s the kind of bag that I can chuck everything inside without feeling too overfull. Not too structured but not that saggy either. I like using the shoulder strap instead of carrying it by the shorter handles. Hearts and pink ribbon and yet not too loud. It's so girly it embarrasses my hubby to carry it but he still does and that's love.

The contents are the kikay kit (cosmetics and other girly stuff), sunglasses case, spoon and fork container, techie and ballpen kit, iPod touch, company ID, journal half with black pages, cellphone, wallet and coinpurse. I like using the mesh containers for the small stuff so I can put similar items in a container and see what's inside without needing to spill them. I think I'll get another one for some of the other stuff.

I've had my sunglasses for a while now. They're wide and they're girly and dark but not black. I use the shiny flowers at the side as a small mirror sometimes. It's a definite essential when I'm on night shift.

My kikay kit contains two lipsticks, two lipglosses, a mascara, a BB balm, neutral eyeshadow, two lip balms, an eyeshadow primer, baby wipes, a comb, a mini hairbrush, eye gel, pencil sharpener, brow brush, lotion, toothbrush, dental floss and toothpaste. I'm missing the toothbrush holder as my little one played with it earlier before the shot. I'm hoping to include face powder and a retractable brush but I'm still looking for the perfect ones as I want them to be small but serviceable.

My tech kit contains the plug for the usb connectors, the iPod connector, the phone connector, my ballpens (3 metallic gels and black), a girly essential in the wrong bag, pink earphone buds and my earphone case. I sometimes throw in my cellphone and iPod inside this kit.

Should I talk about these more?

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