Saturday, June 2, 2012

Craves: School of Satchel

If I were to buy a satchel bag, I'd buy from the School of Satchel. Aside from the quirky brand name (I like quirks), they've got quite a reputation for quality and service. A local brand, they partner with charities in support of schoolchildren, which is a cause close to my heart as well. I like that you get your pick of the satchels, 11-inch to 15-inch, handled or non, backpacks even, and in quite a range of colors. Being the cheapskate I am, it hasn't escaped my notice that they have a great discount on red tagged items.

But then, I won't buy a satchel because I'm going for their weekend bag instead. I love a good multipurpose bag. The side compartment is what made me want it. Perfect all-around bag, right? Roomy and weather-proof as well, being made of wool and leather. If it were smaller, I'd get one for myself and but since it's so darned roomy, I'd consider it the perfect bag for sharing with hubby. He can use the side compartment for sneakers for going to the gym and when going out with baby, it's perfect for dirty diapers and roomy for all extra stuff.

With his birthday coming up, I've got a good excuse for this purchase. No backing out now.

Pictures from the product multiply site.


  1. Thanks so much for this write-up. The weekend bag is great not just for weekends, but for daily use as you said. If you have any questions, just mail me directly at - Bianca

  2. Thanks a bunch for noticing my post, Bianca. I'll pop by the multiply site once the hub's birthday is near. Love your bags, all of them.


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