Sunday, July 8, 2012

Craves: herbench/OJ+Rajo

I haven't been to a decent Bench store for a while because the closest one is being renovated and they have this small closet-like store instead of a full one to tide me over. I got the hub some of their soft shirts for our anniversary in the closet-Bench and didn't bother going over to the bigger Bench on the next mall over until today.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the herbench/OJ+Rajo collection when I finally got around to checking out the store. And yes, I want them all. Even the boyfriend jeans. They're all perfect for the office and I've been thinking about how I probably should buy jeans that fit into this decade already. I've been wearing my old ones for goodness knows how long and I'm getting a ribbing from the hub over that. Even if flared jeans are my go-to pants and they're thankfully not out of style, the new ones have a slimmer silheoutte compared to my decade-old ones.

I'm really liking the prices. The cuts and colors for that price is a steal. I'm weighing over whether to get them all or just two. I like the shorts and the skinny jeans the most. Please note that this will be the first skinny jeans I'm considering purchasing. My current one doesn't count as I got it for free. The flared and the the boyfriend jeans are worth buying as well but I figure it's overkill when I can get some of those in the sale section.

How can I lose the preggy belly in a month, please? I figure if I keep a good posture and do my squats and lunges religiously, I have a good chance. And I'm going to start wearing my old pants again. The waist-high ones. Keeping the tummy bounded up could help. After all, wasn't that what corsets are for? I swear, if I actually get into my ideal waist size, I'm going all out in buying pants.

Picture from the RL's twitter page.

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