Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trial: Ever Bilena Kleopatra

Ever since I've given birth, my eyebrows tend to dissppear from most of the photographs I'm part of that I tend to want to erase all the recent ones. At the very least, deny that I'm that person posing such and such. It depresses me sometimes and other times, I simply tell the photographer (hubby) that he's not good at taking photographs at all.

I figured I've had enough denial and it's time to step up and be a girly-girl so I got myself a cheap browliner for practice. There were a lot of choices but the cheapest one with an attached brush was this one. I could have gotten the other ones with an attached sharpener but since this is practice anyway, I might as well go with something that makes application easier and splurge when I get the hang of it.

It's actually fairly easy to use. I simply line and blend. The brown blends well without screaming liner. The brush helps a lot. I'm loving the look and will try it out for a while.

I washed my face with water afterwards and noticed that the liner washed off fast so I'm probably not going to have any expectations on wear time for this one but I'm happy with the practice shot.

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