Monday, August 27, 2012

Craves: BB Creams

I have fallen into the BB cream craze since a few years ago. They're easier to use compared to foundation as I find them to be more pigmented and easier to blend. A tube can last a really long time. Also, it's not so hard to find the perfect shade as there's usually just one shade available that blends into a person's individual skin tone so there isn't a lot of second-guessing. The original ones from Germany have been formulated for use on post-surgery operation wounds to hide the flaws and help them heal faster, which delights me as I tend to pick on my blemishes.

The first ones released in the country came from Korean brands and when they first came out, it was a little hard to get any as they all seem to be out of stock. Thankfully, these days, they're easier to come by and the other international brands, both drugstore and high-end have started releasing their own version.Though I still have a tube left and another stocked on the side from one of the sales out this season, the newest releases sure are making itch to get another one.

One such release is the All-In-One BB Cream from the Body Shop. I went ahead and tested it on the store and it was delightful. It came out white from the tube and changed to an undetectable shade when blended on the skin. It left a flowery scent that dissipated after a while.

Another is the Camera Ready BB Cream from Smashbox. There has been a ton of raves over this product before they even released it on their online store so I'm really excited to get my hand on these as Smashbox is one of my favorite products. It's cruelty and paraben-free and it has SPF 35.
Of course, I'll always come back to my first love when it comes to BB creams, TFS. The Face Shop's many different variants can be so overwhelming, though. I want them all but since my tendency these days is to choose long-wearing products, I'm looking at the Power Perfection.With the promise of 12-hour long wear, it's a definite pick. For everyday wear, hydration is still important so Aqua Tinted would be good for that.

Pictures from the products' website and facebook pages.

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