Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stocked: Smashbox, The Body Shop, Muji and The Face Shop

There were several things I picked up during the past week for one reason or another. Some of them I wanted because I needed them for the moment, some because they were on sale and I was stocking up.

I got a Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lipgloss in Endless Kiss. This was on sale at the Beauty Bar as it was from the In Bloom collection. I wanted to try these because it's long-wearing, a not so-overbearing coral and a gloss. I love the shade but I'm glad I didn't pay full price for these as it's not the best idea to wear these while wearing your hair down on a windy day.

They also had the other shade from the same collection, which was in a lighter more nude shade, on sale, as well as the O-Gloss Noir. I wanted to try the Noir but since I'm not sure about berry being a good shade for me, I stopped myself. I'm thinking over whether I'll still get the other shade, though. It's still on sale, it's a great neutral shade and if I put my hair up, not much of a problem with the sticking thing. Also, I love cruelty-free and paraben-free make-up.

I picked up a jar of The Body Shop Elderflower Underperfumed Eye Gel. It was also on sale and I simply got it to stock up. Always a great idea to stock on eye gel as the eye area is always the first to get wrinkles. I might be going overboard, though, as when I checked my little orange box of stuff, I still have two other jars of eye cream.

I couldn't resist getting a bottle of Cleansing Oil from Muji when I stopped by. As a fan of long-wear make-up, it's imperative to get a cleansing oil as it's so much easier to slap it on a full face of make-up and just let it melt. Washing it off with a wet wash cloth just clears everything up. This one is mineral oil free so that makes me happy.

From the Face Shop, I got a Lovely Me: Ex BB Cream and a Freshian Volumizing Mascara. Another sale, another tube to stock. TFS BB creams are the best and the SPF is always a winner. Korean mascaras in general are my go-to as they don't flake on me and the prices are so much better. So when it's on sale, it's the best.

Ahhh... Lovely to spend money on myself. Hehe!

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