Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love: So! F.A.B. Aster Beige Coffee


I didn't expect to get myself a new pair of shoes at the first day of the month but I just happened to pass by So! F.A.B. having a sale a week before that and found a great range of shoes that are very comfortable. I even found some of their high heels easy to wear. As those who know me well know, comfort when it comes to shoes are the best.

Frankly, with the bargain prices they had and all the different designs available, I was quite overwhelmed with them all so I got a bunch of them and tried them all on. It was quite a long process but I'm happy with the loafers I got. I would even more shoes but that's for another post.

First off,the comfort can't be beat with these. It's got comfortable cushioned insoles and ridged rubber soles. I have wide feet so I sometimes get shoes a size up but the size 35 was a great hugging fit. Also, absolutely no blistering for this pair for me.

As for the design, I find it really great when a pair of shoes have that visible stitch mark. So many shoes nowadays are simply glued together and it's such a pain when they just fall apart in the middle of walking somewhere anywhere. I'm glad there are still shoes like these. As for the color, I thought they would be hard to pair with stuff but the top is such a neutral nude that it's actually quite easy to wear with both dresses, pants and even shorts. A great all-around type of shoe. I'm lovin'.

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