Monday, September 19, 2011

Brain Drain: By Nature Balm of Butter and Baby Salve

I am currently loving these products and would like to share how I'm using them.

Balm of Butter

  • As a stretch mark cream
Unfortunately, with the marks I have, it'll take more than a few weeks for these to fade.
  • As a facial moisturizer before taking a bath
This is so effective my hubby swears I don't have forehead wrinkles anymore. I know he believes it because he actually tried it on his face. It's not easy to wash off with his soap but my clear soap washes it right off and leaves it silky soft.
  • As a lip balm
I'm kind of lazy so I used it as such one day. This was effective for me and worked better than the By Nature lip balm. It tastes kind of funky but it isn't so bad if you think about the main ingredient being Cocoa Butter.
  • As a base for a salt scrub
I rub this all over my body, wet myself with a bit of water and rub fine salt all over. This actually beats more expensive salt scrubs for effectiveness on my skin.

Baby Salve

  • For boo-boos
It generally works unless it's an engorged and enflamed, then something stronger is needed.
  • As a facial moisturizer
I like to use this after taking a bath and before going to bed. Lighter on the skin than the Balm of Butter and yet effective. Great for wrinkle prevention in spite of having no sleep.
  • As a lip balm
Yes, it works but it tastes too funky with the lavender scent. Not recommended for that unless you're desperate.

Initial pictures from the official By Nature website.

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