Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love: Ilog Maria Propolis and Beeswax Lip Balm, Honey Propolis Shampoo and Soaps

My lips have been chapped since forever. I've been told to lick my lips for being so dry back in grade school and considering how old I am, that's long enough for me. It's not like I lack water. My hubby used to think I drink too much liquids until he realized that it's one of the reasons I'm so moisturized all over. Suffice it to say that though I finish up loads of bottles of water that our refrigerator is empty of all water bottles in half a day, I'm still very much dehydrated in the lip area. And no, I'm not constantly in an air-conditioned room either.

Because of said lip condition, I tend to hoard on lip balms. As of the moment, I've got about 7 around the house. Or more. I try a whole lot of them and is generally happy when my lips get moisturized for a while. The moisture doesn't last very long on me and generally, if I put lip balm on before going to bed, my lips are dry like the dessert by morning.

The Ilog Maria (IM) lip balm has a very inspiring effect on my lips. Just a tad of its minty and not so oily formulation and my lips actually get moisturized. And it really lasts. And to top it off, I've got this cut in the center of my lower lip that never seems to heal completely from years back and it actually doesn't feel sore anymore and feels very much healed. I swear by this. As of the moment, with this thing, my lips actually feel like it's supposed to.

I generally am trying to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate in my shampoo because my hair is already thin enough and I expect it to get thinner with the post-natal hormone thing. With all the bad stuff being said about the bubbly chemicals, I'd rather just stay away from it.

I can't say anything about the effects of the IM shampoo on my hair. Just for having no SL's, I'm already liking it. For being cheap enough at a big family size, is another. I guess I should at least say that while I was brusing my hair earlier, it does seem shinier and healthier than normal. I'm loving the shampoo for its smells though being minty but not cold to the scalp. I'm just shallow like that.

I only bought the mini sizes of the soaps but I'm already thinking about getting the big ones because they don't dry my hands even though I keep washing them with the IM soaps. Also, they smell great. Yes, shallowness rules forever in my world.

Images are from the Ilog Maria official website.

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