Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love: The Face Shop Aroma Therapy Facial Cleansing Salve

I like putting on make-up. I hate taking it off. Especially mascara. There are a lot of make-up removers out there but it was hard to find one to love. After all, you are trying to find something that will take your mask off to the world, and potentially dry your skin out in the process.

I’ve tried cold cream when I was young. I just didn’t get it. My skin didn’t feel all that clean. I also tried cleansing oils and they might have removed all the makeup but they felt oily and once I found out about mineral oils, it horrified me how I finished off two and a half bottles of that thing. I was going to take the plunge and buy myself another cleansing oil, this time made out of plant oils with the main ingredient being olive oil when I found the cleansing salve.

The packaging wasn’t that impressive. It was this oily-looking solid salve inside a large pot. But I got hooked with the words lavender and jojoba. I love the smell of lavender and I know my skin loves jojoba oil. So with fingers crossed, I went out of the store, withdrew some money, got back and paid at the counter.

I scooped a little bit of it and spread it on my face. It felt really greasy but it sure did melt that make-up. I washed it off with water and lo, the water washed all the grease off. It didn’t feel oily at all afterwards. It didn’t feel dry. And the face was clean of all the make-up. That is really good product. And at half the price of the cleansing oil I was planning to buy originally, a steal.

As you can see, the product has already hit pan. This is not because I use a whole lot but my hubby has started to use it as well. Not because he likes to use make-up but because it has gotten rid of his peeling skin. I have no idea what his skin condition is but his skin peels off like yuck everyday. Before he took a bath one day, I asked him if I could try putting it on his skin, as the product is so oily it might actually work and wow, it did.

I was surprised when I saw him putting it on his skin himself every night and letting it sit for 5 minutes before washing it off. Not only does he not have that peeling anymore, he’s got less acne and blackheads. I gotta start putting a fence around him before someone steals him away.

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