Saturday, August 27, 2011

Craves: Acer Aspire One Happy 2, Sony Vaio E-series, Apple Macbook Air

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t be typing in a laptop past its twilight years. I got my current laptop when the world only had dual-core processors and no netbooks were present yet. It was fast for its time but got outdated after a month. A BLOODY MONTH!!! Tech life simply is too fast for me to handle with a happy heart.

These days, there are so many laptops, tablets and netbooks available and some, for less than half the price I got my laptop, which makes me think that yes, it is time for a change, hopefully for the better.

I like the Acer Happy 2 for a variety of reasons. For being so darned adorable, the colors being so pretty, definitely girly, and obviously mine. My hubby being full of Y chromosomes and my future child being the same, will not even think of wanting it for themselves. For being affordable, at less than 20 grand with a free optical drive, too, I obviously can get one as soon as the next payday, granted, I will not be eating for half a month. For being faster than my laptop, it hurts me to say but it’s true. My laptop sucks and has the memory of a centenarian. Open 4 programs and it threatens to shut down. Woe is me.

I have always been in love with Sony laptops. I wanted one for like, forever. With the E-series having a light pink version, the love feels so near and yet, it’s so hard to let go of all that money at once, right? Ok, it might just be me. It’s hard to rationalize the need to get a laptop with its features when I don’t really it. I guess I can try convincing the hubby that he can play all the cool games if he pays for half the price but knowing him, I won’t be able to get any face time with the thing unless he isn’t home.

Apple Macbook Air
is a dream. There’s no rationality behind it. It just is it. It’s a Macbook Air, amen.

Images from the netbook and laptop's respective websites.

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