Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love: By Nature Total Attraction Handmade Soap and Baby Salve

With the baby on the way and all the bad things said about the ingredients of baby products, I'm trying to be really careful in what I buy these days. I stumbled upon a post in a Chronicles of a Nursing Mom blog about the different organic baby balms that can be found online and found By Nature. I bought some stuff for the baby and will post on them once I get to use them. I also got myself the bar, Total Attraction.

I totally loved it. The lavender and patchouli scents surround the bathroom when you start lathering. The scent isn't as strong as other organic soaps but stays on the skin for about two hours. I only use a third of the soap at a time and keep the other portions in the pantry. It lasted me a month keeping the soap in a covered soap dish when not used. When I ran out and used my old soaps, hubby actually said I smelled different bad, which made me want to kick him.

I also used it on my hair whenever I run out of my non-SLS/SLE shampoo. It didn't dry out my hair or knot it but since I love the scent on my skin too much, I didn't want to run out of it for that use. Nonetheless, it is a good shampoo and it's probably going to be great for travelling for the convenience factor of bringing only one bar of soap. I'll be sure to pack it in my toiletry bag for the hospital when my baby pops out.

We got a really bad case of bed bugs about half a month ago and I guiltily started using the Baby Salve. I was originally going to use it for the baby's diaper rash and other boo-boos but with the red dots itchily appearing on my skin and turning into scabs with my sharp nails, I figured I had no choice.

The itches stopped after application and it smelled good, too. I'm a sucker for lavender. The red dots healed quickly and though my scabbing hasn't stopped with me picking on it, it's manageable and hopefully, will disappear after the pregnancy-related photosensitivity wears off. On hubby's skin, it worked so much better. You can't tell he ever got the same bites. Grrr!

I got the By Nature products from Aimee of Organic Joys. She's totally sweet and responds to emails within the day. She got them delivered to my office address through Pedala and I am one happy reorderer with absolutely no guilt of polluting the earth.

Pictures from the By Nature Handmade Soap website.

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