Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haul: Ilog Maria

I came across Ilog Maria while I was searching for baby balms I can use for any possible future boo-boos of the coming little one. Their propolis ointment was recommended by some sites. Generally, reviews have been positive for the other products as well and their prices looked reasonable so I decided to get myself a new haul last week.

I signed up on their site, logged in and was able to order immediately. I waited a bit and got the total price including delivery charge. Even with the delivery cost of P150, I think I got myself a good deal at paying only P690 total including delivery. I waited another day and when I got back to the office, got their confirmation that they have everything I ordered on hand and ready for delivery, including instructions for payment. I delayed a bit on the payment as I was a little confused over their schedule and got a bit busy over life. I chose bank transfer and emailed a picture copy of the deposit slip. It took a day and a half after to get the delivery confirmation but once I did, I got the haul the day after.

The haul consisted of (from upper left clockwise) feminine wash, patchouli essential oil, propolis ointment, shampoo, lip balm, lavender soap and milk and honey soap. The packaging is very simplistic but who cares about that? Ok, I care about packaging but considering that the prices are less than a hundred each, I can’t really grouch about it much. The smell, though, I like. They’re not too strong, which I prefer, and a bit floral. I haven’t used any yet but I’m looking forward to ordering again. I hear their throat spray is wonderful and hubby tends to get a lot of cold sores.

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