Thursday, August 25, 2011

Haul: By Nature Handmade soaps and Balm of Butter

This is my second batch of orders for By Nature products. Yes, I'm obsessed. As usual, got it through Organic Joys by way of Pedala. Aimee was friendly and helpful as usual. I got a return mail within the day, paid the next day through bank and got the batch delivered the day after. The Pedala service was later by a few hours to my home in Cubao as compared to the delivery to my office in Makati but I'm happy enough to have gotten them as I was worrying with all the street corners to my home. They're delivering by pedalling bikes, so I'm not complaining. They got it there anyway.

The batch consisted of Balm of Butter, a stretch mark cream and four soaps. The nude-colored ones are Total Attraction(love), Olive Beauty and Cocoa Butter Melt. The light-greyish one is Sea Mud Pie.

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