Sunday, September 25, 2011

Craves: By Nature

As I've posted my wish list from the Ilog Maria catalog last time, I may as well share another list from another line I love.

I would like to try the following:

Cocoa Butter Melt, P115
This soap is moisturizing and fragrance-free, which is ideal while I'm still breastfeeding. I actually bought one already but sold it to a friend of mine whose father has a skin condition.

Lavender Treat, P145
There's absolutely no question that I love lavender.

Dairy Bar, P145
I've always wanted to try goat milk in my soap.

Baby Blue, P145
This soap is good for sensitive skin and I've learned that the main ingredient, blue chamomile, is good for boo-boos.

Just Tea Tree, P145
My hubby's skin tends to flare up and I'm wondering if I should get him this to stop said flares.

No Bites Bar, P145
Dengue season. That's all.

Disinfect It! Spray, P190
Alcohol is not good for babies so I'd like to try this so as to have something on hand that won't do any harm to my child.

Facial Oil in One, P250
I've found that their salves and balms are really good for my face so I'm guessing that the dedicated product would probably be even better.

Moisturizing Insect Repellant, P260
Dengue season.

Moisturizing Oilotion, P260
For the same reason as the facial oil, I'd like to try their oilotion for the body.

The following I already have and tried and would like to haul once again:

Total Attraction, P175
I love the scent, really. I want this for shampoo needs.

Olive Beauty, P175
I'm using this and baby is using this, so I need another haul.

Baby Salve, P200
I initially used the baby salve on an insect bite on myself and hubby. I'd like to buy a dedicated one for baby.

Balm of Butter, P350

I use this on my stretch marks, on my face before taking a bath and as a base for salt scrub. I've got half the tub through. I need more, I think. Or maybe not because the tub is so big.

Images from the official By Nature website.

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