Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keens: TOMS ballet flats

I’m looking forward to the TOMS ballet flats. They look very adorable.


I come from a third world country or we could go with a more PC word, developing country and I appreciate it when a company makes an effort to help like TOMS does, giving a child in need of shoes a pair for every pair that you buy. That’s where their “One for One” slogan comes from. I’m not really very much into their alpargata. I wasn’t excited about their wedges either. The new ballet flats, though, looks something I would very much want to wear.

From what I’ve gathered round the net, they’re coming out in leather and suede, burlap, leopard, linen, textures and whatnot. I’m very much excited. Prices will range from $74 to $129. Not sure how much it will cost around these areas but there are coupons that abound if ordering directly from their site.

Picture snipped from the official TOMS website.

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