Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wondering: one laptop per child (OLPC) program

Whatever happened to the OLPC program?

There’s a lot of buzz around the Consumer Electrics Show that will be starting today in Las Vegas. One of the products I’m excited to be unveiled is the XO-3 tablet model of the OLPC program. I’ve heard about the program long ago when they started with their first model. The program aims to provide a laptop to a child in a developing country. It was with hope that though the initial price was a little steep for those children at the starting price of $200, with an increase in production, the price will get lower per unit and end at the $100 price point.

There have been several initiatives, including the Give 1 Get 1(G1G1) program where you buy one and a child somewhere in the world gets one. These days, they’re more into fundraising through donations than the G1G1 program. It’s a little sad that the price is still at $200 but it is heart warming to see the models in action at their website. Below is the first model in action in Madagascar. Aren’t the children just so cute?

The following are the concept designs of the tablet XO-3 model from Wikipedia.

But I’m guessing the final product will be closer to the Technorati feature picture.

Fingers crossed on the program and maybe they’ll get to the Philippines someday. I know a lot of children at our province who would love to get one.

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