Sunday, January 29, 2012

Needs: Philips Avent Manual and Electric Breast Pump

I have wanted to buy an electric breast pump since I was only a month into my pregnancy. There were two choices, either the Medela or the Philips Avent. Ok, I confess, there was only really one choice. I was just hemming and hawing because it was bloody expensive around here. We checked the mall this weekend and the Philips Avent Single Electric was worth P17k. There was a 10% discount but who wants to throw that much money around?


Thankfully enough,with the advent of the online age, it's available online at $99.97 at We're definitely getting one this month. I'm close to giving up on the pumping altogether and my little one is only 5 months old. Ok, it's not that I'm giving up. It's just that my arms are feeling really heavy lately and I don't want to give up. It doesn't only take dedication to pump milk for the baby, it takes a really stubborn personality.

While I firmly believe in buying local whenever possible, I don't believe that it's the best of ideas to simply throw money out the window in a very stupid way, and so, it is. The manual is also available for $29.51. Is it excessive to want both?

Pictures from Amazon.

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